Get Ready for Airvet – virtual visits for your pet

Many of you may already be taking advantage of technology when it comes to your health with virtual visits with your personal physician. Some human doctors don’t even require an office visit- and you can make your appointment and have your consultation with your physician in front of your computer (with a webcam) or even on your cellphone. The same thing is now happening in the veterinary world- and we’re excited that we’ve partnered with Airvet – a service where you and your pet can have a consultation with one of our veterinarians from the comfort of your own home. If you have a medical situation after-hours, we have partnered with a network of highly qualified veterinarians that you can meet virtually right through the app.

If your pet(s) are currently patients of Cloverleaf Animal Hospital, you have already received an invitation via email and text messages with instructions on how to sign up for Airvet, and how to download the app for your phone. The invitation would be sent to the email address we have on file for you at the hospital. The free app is now available in both the App Store and on Google Play. The app is available only for smartphones or tablets- and is not available for PC or Mac platforms.

Please know that these virtual appointments are not a substitute for your pet’s annual visit to your veterinarian’s office. We still need to physically see your pet each year, so we can weigh them, listen to their heart and lungs, look in their eyes and ears, check their mouth. We can’t do all of those things online.

Download the Airvet app today!

Make an appointment, access your pet’s medical services, see due dates, and request food orders and prescriptions!